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Ophelie @limitlesssecrets at the Eiffel Tower

My name is Ophélie, I am French and I am based in Paris, France.

I am an avid traveller, a photographer and a foodista!


I grew up in Dunkirk, a city in the North of France by the Nord Sea. I’ve loved travelling ever since I was a teenager.

I remember taking school trips to Germany and Italy and not wanting to come back home. The first trip that really blew me away was to India in 2011. It was so different and so stunning!


I’ve always loved capturing the places that I visit. In the last two years, I upgraded my game by buying a better camera and better lenses. Learning how to edit my pictures and getting better at photography in general has been a priority of mine recently.


As a foodie, I love to discover great places to eat and share them with others. When I visit a new city or a new country I always go on a hunt for the best cafes and restaurants. My favorite ones are those where you can not only find amazing food, but also a welcoming staff, affordable prices and a lovely environment.


Through this blog, I share my secrets with you: my best addresses all around the world, and my travel and lifestyle tips.

Not only a globetrotter, I am also a Parisian! After 8 years of life in Paris, I had the time to explore every nook and cranny of the French capital: Instagram photo spots, cafes and restaurants, cocktail and wine bars, and other local experiences. I will also share here my Paris insider tips and favorite places!


I am passionate and I really enjoy to connect with people, so do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions (check the contact form at the bottom of the page)!

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    About Me

    Hello! I am Ophélie, an avid traveller, photographer and foodista. I am French and I live in Paris.

    This blog, will give you all my secrets: my best addresses (sightseeing and food) all around the world and in Paris, and my travel and lifestyle tips!


    Let’s keep in touch!

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