The Best Ice Creams in Paris

The Best Ice Creams in Paris

The Best Ice Creams in Paris

The warm weather and the sunny days are here and it’s the perfect time to enjoy some ice creams in Paris! And Paris being a foodie heaven, it can satisfy your needs in any season. Discover with me the top ice cream parlors that Paris has to offer! Be ready to refresh yourself and please your taste buds at the same time, because I have listed for you below the best ice creams in Paris!

I had to start this article about the best ice creams in Paris with Berthillon! This iconic ice cream maker is in the heart of the Île Saint Louis in Paris since 1954. Berthillon is a family business founded by Raymond Berthillon, and their boutique is located in an old bistro from the beginning of the 20th century called “Le Bourgogne”. Their ice creams are so good that they made it to the top 10 of the best ice creams in the world!

They created no less than 78 delicious flavours! But you can find “only” 30 to 40 available each day on their menu and the production is limited to 1000 liters on purpose.

Recommend flavours: I tried rhubarb and pine nuts praline and it was very good! Their best seller is the wild strawberry flavour.

Prices: 1 scoop 3,50€, 2 scoops 6,50€, 3 scoops 8,50€

Location: Berthillon

My secret tip: there is only one Berthillon boutique in Paris (the historical one on Ile Saint Louis) and it’s always busy so expect a long line! But you can find the Berthillon ice creams in many boutiques and restaurants all over Paris. And some of these shops are located very close to the Berthillon boutique, and the line is usually less impressive than in the Berthillon one.

La Glacerie Paris

La Glacerie Paris was created in June 2019 by the pastry chef David Wesmaël, awarded Meilleur Ouvrier de France (one of France’s finest artisans) in 2004 and Pastry World Champion in a team in 2006. He aims at transcribing in all his ice creams the original taste of the products. La Glacerie offers some of the finest and best ice creams in Paris!

David Wesmaël is also very creative not only in the flavours but also in the shapes of his ice creams: domed iced meringue desserts, ice cream tubes, chocolate shells with iced hearts, and more. You will be pleasantly surprised! You will find 24 flavours on the menu (5 of them are available only in the weekend)

The boutique is in the area of le Marais near the BHV department store and the Hotel de Ville (the townhall of Paris).

Recommend flavours: I tried the summer 2022 original limited editions   promoting the region of Brittany and I loved the “beurre de Madame au lambic” flavour (tasting like butter) and the “Fraise de Plougastel à l’eau de mer et au poivre à huître” flavour (made with a variety of strawberries coming from Brittany).

Prices: 1 scoop 3,95€, 2 scoops 6,90€, 3 scoops 9,60€

Location: La Glacerie Paris

Opening hours: Wednesday to Friday and Sunday from 1pm to 7pm – Saturday from 1pm to 8pm

My secret tip: if you want to taste the ice cream of La Glacerie on Monday and Tuesday you can go to the department store Galeries Lafayette Gourmet from 9:30am to 6pm (open from Monday to Saturday).


If you love Italian gelatos, you must go to Pozzetto: it’s one of my personal favorite ice cream shops in Paris! Here the ice creams are made using the Italian traditional method and ingredients. They have 12 flavours available, and all of them are yummy!

You will find 2 Pozzetto boutiques in the area of le Marais at only 1 min walk from each other. And one of them (Pozzetto 2) has an cafe if you want to take an indoor break. This cafe serves also savory Italian products like focaccia, prosciutto di Parma and Aperol spritz.

Recommend flavours: I am dying for their pistacchio (pistachio) flavour, and the nocciola (hazelnut) is amazing too! If you are looking for a flavour to refresh yourself that is not too sweet, I recommend fior di latte (milk cream).

Prices: small size 4,90€, normal size 5,50€, big size 6,90€ and giant size 8,90€. You can put as many flavours as you want in it 🙂 .

Location: Pozzetto and Pozzetto 2

Opening hours: Monday and Tuesday from 12pm to 12am, Wednesday to Friday 11am to 12am, Saturday and Sunday 10am to 12am.

My secret tip: do not miss their hot chocolate to warm you up if needed! It’s one of the best ones in Paris 🙂 .


Because Lebanese ice creams are also a thing, you must try Bachir! Opened in 2016, this ice cream shop was the first one in Paris to offer 100% organic ice cream made with Lebanese know-how. Actually, Bachir is an historical Lebanese ice cream family business created in 1936. The menu offers 12 flavours included their signature flavour: the achta ice cream (achat is a Lebanese clotted cream flavored with orange blossom water) coated with crushed pistachios.

Bachir has 2 boutiques ideally located in Paris: one in the heart of Paris near Chatelet les Halles, and the other one in Montmartre. The lines are long here during the weekend, so come on a weekday if you can.

Recommend flavours: their signature flavour, the achta ice cream coated with crushed pistachios, is super gourmand! The simple look at the process of coating the ice cream with the pistachios is very satisfying!

Prices: small size 3,90€, medium size 4,80€, big size 5,80€ – add pistachio topping for 2,50€. And for their achta specialty: small size 6,40€, medium size 7,30€, big size 8,30€ – pistachio topping is already included.

Location: Bachir Rambuteau and Bachir Montmartre

Opening hours: Monday to Saturday from 12:30pm to 10:30pm and Sunday from 12pm to 10pm.

My secret tip: You can add their homemade Bachir whipped cream for free, so do not hesitate to ask for it!

Glaces Alain Ducasse

La Manufacture de Glace d’Alain Ducasse opened in summer 2021 in Paris. Alain Ducasse is a worldwide famous Michelin starred chef. In his ice cream parlor, the gelatiere Matteo Casone prepares ice creams with high-quality ingredients.

The menu offers a large of 20 flavors: some classic ones with a twist (Peruvian chocolate ganache, three vanilla, pistachio) and some more innovative recipes (toasted bread, fresh herbs, blueberry/blackcurrant and mustard leaves…).

The quality of the ingredients and the know-how of the team of Alain Ducasse are two very good reasons to add La Manufacture de Glace d’Alain Ducasse in the best ice-creams in Paris!

Recommend flavours: I tried them all and they are so tasty! My favorites were the Brazilian chocolate spread (taste like Nutella), the hazelnut (with a touch of lemon), the grapefruit and vermouth, and the three vanilla.

Prices: small cup 6,50€ (up to 2 flavors), medium cup 8€ (up to 3 flavors), big cup 10€ (up to 4 flavors), and 6,5€ for the granitas (up to 2 flavors).

Brioche with 2 scoops of ice cream: 8€

Take away for home: small isothermal box 500ml 18€, big isothermal box 1L 35€

Location: La Manufacture de Glace d’Alain Ducasse

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday 12pm – 7:30pm, Friday 12pm – 10:30pm, Saturday 11:30am – 10:30pm, Sunday 11:30am – 7:30pm

My secret tip: try the brioche with ice cream! That’s the way they eat it in Sicily in Italy and it’s delicious. The brioches they use at La Manufacture de Glace d’Alain Ducasse comes from a very good bakery.

Reÿs – Glaces Éternelles

Reÿs – Glaces Éternelles opened very recently in Paris in June 2022. The founder Jean Pierre Braun decided to start an ice cream business following a premonitory dream. As he had no knowledge of how to make ice creams, he chose to learn from the best. Therefore, he went to Tuscany to be trained by one of the greatest gelato makers in Italy.

Reÿs already offers a great catalogue of 14 interesting flavours. On the one hand, Jean Pierre Braun worked on some recipes bringing back his childhood memories. And on the other hand, he went out of box to create some very original flavours that will make you travel all around the world. Besides that, you will also find some granitas (the recipes vary).

I literally tried them all and I was blown away! Therefore, Reÿs went directly in my selection for the best ice-creams in Paris!

Recommend flavours: after trying them all, the choice is difficult as I loved many of them! I recommend trying the original Cretan Tzatziki flavour (yes it’s savory, and yes it’s yummy!), the surprising A Walk in Bangkok flavour (thai rice risotto in coconut milk and lemongrass) or the Amazonian Gods (100% cocoa sorbet with cashew nuts and tonka beans).

Prices: 1 scoop 3,50€, 2 scoops 6€, 3 scoops 8€, 4 scoops 10€ and 7€ for the granita of the day.

Location: Reÿs – Glaces Éternelles

Opening hours: Monday to Thursday and Sunday from 1pm to 11pm, Friday and Saturday from 1pm to 1am.

My secret tip: do not hesitate to ask to sample some of the most original flavours. The most surprising ones might be the ones you will end up liking the most!

In Conclusion…

The are plenty of amazing ice creams shops in Paris so you have many options to try during your days here. They will all make your heart melt this summer!

I will keep on listing the best ice creams in Paris this summer, so stay tuned and keep this article handy to discover more ice creams parlors!

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