The Most Instagrammable Places in Marrakech

Ben Youssef Madrasa in Marrakech - Morocco

The Most Instagrammable Places in Marrakech

Marrakech is the most famous city in Morocco and it’s very beautiful! If you are traveling here, great chances are that you will fall under its spell like I did! For me it was love at first sight! Therefore, I have gathered for you the list of all the Most Instagrammable Places in Marrakech.

I visited Marrakech in May 2022. As a photographer and a content creator, I explored the city to find the most picturesque corners. And I found many: from the souk to the most luxurious spots, Marrakech has a lot of charm! You will find in this article all the best spots to take pictures in Marrakech with their exact location as well as my photographer tips.

I will start this blogpost about the Most Instagrammable Places in Marrakech with my favorite place: Ben Youssef Madrasa. It’s an Islamic college built in the 16th century. Ben Youssef Madrasa used to be one of the largest theological colleges in North Africa.

Since 1982 it’s open to the public as an historical site. It closed in November 2018 for renovations but it reopened in April 2022. So now you can admire it in all its glory!

The architecture of Ben Youssef Madrasa is magnificent! The floor and the walls are covered with pretty tiles. And the wooden doors and the ceiling are carved with intricate details. The whole place is fascinating! I could have stayed here for hours just looking at the details of every corners. That’s the reason why I put it as number 1 of the best Instagram spots in Marrakech!

You can visit the courtyard (the ablution hall) and the building. The main courtyard is very picturesque. It features a large and shallow reflective pool and is surrounded by some galleries. You can admire it also from above if you look from the windows of the building.

Location: Ben Youssef Madrasa

Entrance fee: 20 MAD (around 2€). You can buy the tickets directly at the entrance.

Opening hours: every day from 9am to 6pm

Count 1h30 for the visit, especially if you love to take photos!

My secret tip: Ben Youssef Madrasa can get crowded quickly. So, I recommend being there at the opening at 9am. There weren’t many visitors at this time. Nevertheless, a cleaning lady started to clean the pool and the marble floor a few minutes after the opening, so we had to be patient to take some photos and videos.

The Majorelle Garden

The Majorelle Garden is one of the most famous places in Marrakech! The French painter Jacques Majorelle created this enchanting botanical garden in 1923. It was then bought and restored in the 1980’s by the fashion designers Yves St Laurent and Pierre Bergé.

The Jardin Majorelle is with no doubt one of the most Instagrammable places in Marrakech! In its 9,000 m² (2,5 acres) it features an interesting collection of cacti and exotic botanical specimens from all over the world. You will also find here many fountains and sculptures.

In the heart of the garden stands a stunning Cubist villa, created in the 1930s by the French architect Paul Sinoir. The iconic Majorelle Blue color, a unique shade of bold cobalt blue that Jacques Majorelle patented, prevails in the garden and its buildings. And the Art Deco style is mixed here with Moorish influences: a great combo!

The luxurious plants and the bold colors and architecture make the garden very interesting to capture! And wandering in here is very pleasant and relaxing.

Additionnaly, the Majorelle Garden hosts the Berber Museum (Musée Pierre Bergé des Arts Berbères) and a collection of Majorelle’s paintings. And the Yves Saint Laurent Museum was opened in the same area in 2017.

Location: Jardin Majorelle

Entrance fee: 150 MAD (around 11€). It’s highly recommended to buy your ticket online at least 24 hours in advance. You can also buy it at the entrance, but you will have to wait in line longer.

Opening hours: every day from 8 am to 6 pm; last entrance at 5:30 pm.

Count around 1h for the visit of the garden itself, more if you want to visit the museums.

My secret tip: Because the Jardin Majorelle is very popular, I recommend booking the first slot at the opening at 8am. I arrived before the opening, and I was the first to enter. It was ok between 8am and 9am, but when I left many people were arriving.

I want to share my honest opinion though: I was a bit disappointed by the garden. Because I expected it to be bigger. So, the visit was lovely but a bit frustrating!

Bahia Palace

The Bahia Palace is an amazing palace built in Marrakech in 1859. Nowadays it’s a famous historic monument and one of the best places to visit in Marrakech. Bahia Palace is composed of several buildings with inner courtyards and riad gardens covering around 2 hectares.

The main reason why Bahia Palace is one of the most Instagrammable places in Marrakech is because of its fabulous decoration. The carved walls, the floors paved with marble and tiles, the colorful cedar-wood painted ceilings as well as the carved wooden door canopies are all stunning! The details are absolutely mesmerizing! And the gardens feature some trees from the 19th century!

The Grand Courtyard (Cour d’honneur) paved with Italian Carrara marble is the most beautiful with its fountains and its wooden gallery. Don’t miss the Grand Riad and its stained-glass windows. You might be able to observe the sunlight drawing some colorful patchworks as it reflects on the stained glass.

Location: Bahia Palace

Entrance fee: 70 MAD (around 6,50€). You can buy your ticket at the entrance.

Opening hours: every day from 9am to 5pm.

Count 1h30 for the visit as there are many rooms, courtyards and gardens to explore.

My secret tip: I couldn’t visit all the places early in the morning during my trip, so I visited this place before closing. I arrived here at 4pm (1h before closing time) and it was quite busy. But it cleared out as we were getting closer to 5pm. At the end we had to palace to ourselves for a few minutes.

El Badi Palace

El Badi Palace aka “the Incomparable Palace” was commissioned by the Sultan Ahmad Al-Mansur of the Saadian dynasty at the end of the 16th century. It was built as a reception palace in a lavish display of the sultan’s opulence and power. In fact, it was designed with some of the most expensive material and the best craftsmanship of the Saadian period.

It was abandoned after the decline of the Saadian Dynasty and felt into ruins.

Despite being in ruins, the palace complex is truly impressive. That’s why it’s one of the most instagrammable places in Marrakech! It features several buildings and pavillions, a huge courtyard (135 by 110 meters) with a central pool (90 by 22 meters) and four large sunken gardens. You can admire there some orange trees and even some roses.

Location: El Badi Palace

Entrance fee: 70 MAD (around 6,50€). You can buy your ticket at the entrance.

Opening hours: every day from 9am to 5pm.

Count 1h30 for the visit as it’s quite big.

My secret tip: I visited the palace at the opening at 9am and it was empty. But the palace complex is so big that I don’t think you can feel overwhelmed by the crowd here. Nevertheless, the reception hall that you can explore at the beginning of the visit is the one that people are usually capturing the most. So that’s probably where you will have to be the most patient if you didn’t arrive at the opening.

The Souk

The souk is probably one of the most interesting places to visit in Marrakech. The vibrant atmosphere, the diversity of products more tempting the ones than the others, and the great display of colors are some of the reasons why you should explore it! Located in the heart of the Medina not far from the famous Jamaa el-Fna square, this open-air market offers everything you need. Getting lost in the different little alleys, stumbling on a few hidden gems, and haggling for them are part of the experience!

All the little shops of this open-air market are very picturesque, and I couldn’t resist taking a ton of photos in every corners! The souk is without any doubt one of the best places to take photos in Marrakech.

Location: Souk of Marrakech

Opening hours: each shop owners has its own schedule, but if you come around 10am you should see most of them open. They close around 8pm.

You can easily spend hours here shopping or browsing around!

My secret tips: ask for permission to the owner before taking a close-up photo of a specific shop or products. And if you are interested in buying something, remember haggling is key!  

The Lamp Shop at the Souk

Some of the boutiques of the souk in Marrakech are more famous than others, and this lamp shop is one of them!

Entering La Menara Shop is like entering Aladdin’s cave: you can admire a great variety of traditional Moroccan brass lamps and lanterns with lots of different shapes, sizes and colors.

It’s a great photo spot and that’s why I have a dedicated paragraph for it as one of the most instagrammable places in Marrakech.

Location: La Menara Shop

My secret tip: the owners of the shop are very happy if you take photos and videos here. They will even help you if you need it! Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask permission to capture it. But be respectful and grateful: you can leave a tip or buy a lamp and you can share their name and tag them on your social media @la_menara_shop !

The Spice Shop at the Souk

Another “insta-famous” boutique at the Souk in Marrakech is the spice shop Herboristerie Avicienne. You can find here all kind of spices, herbs, pigments, perfumes and more. Their set up is quite photogenic and people love to capture it! You probably have seen it on Instagram or Pinterest before.

I highly recommend you ask some questions about their products because they have so many interesting remedies and items! You might find something useful to you 🙂 .

Location: Herboristerie Avicienne

My secret tip: it’s a family business and the owners of the shop don’t mind if you take some pictures and videos here. Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask permission to capture it. But be respectful and grateful: take the opportunity to browse their shelves and buy something you need! And you can also share their name and tag them on your social media @herboriste_avicienne.

Riad BE Marrakech

BE Marrakech is one of the most beautiful riads in Marrakech. Riads are traditional Moroccan buildings built around a central courtyard or garden. They used to be the house of wealthy families. Nowadays most of them have been transformed into tourist accommodations, providing a unique experience to travelers from all over the world.

BE Marrakech with its typical blue and green tiles has a lot of charm and became very popular, especially amongst influencers. Therefore, it has become one of the most Instagrammable places in Marrakech!

The riad offers a few different photo spots. The most interesting one is the riad pool with the blue and green tiles in the “Oasis” building. But they also have a second beautiful riad pool with yellow sofas in the “Essence” building. Also don’t miss their rooftop: there is a lot of cute corners up there too.

Location: BE Marrakech

My secret tips: BE Marrakech is quite popular so it might seem difficult to get a room here. But if you follow them on Instagram, you will see that they share every week the rooms they have available. So, you can send them a DM to book one of these with them directly.

Also, something you might not know is that you can visit the riad for lunch and get access to the insta-famous riad pool this way! DM them on Instagram to get more info about it and prices.

Streets of Marrakech

The Medina is the name given to Marrakech Old City. Marrakech was founded in the 11th century by the Almoravids. And it was a political, economic, and cultural center of the western Muslim world for a long time.

The Medina of Marrakech is surrounded by ramparts and gates built in pinkish clay. That’s the reason why Marrakech is called “the Pink City” (or “the Red City”).

This pink color added to the stunning Islamic architecture is the reason why the streets of the Medina are part of the best places to take photos in Marrakech!

Location: Medina of Marrakech

My secret tip: the streets of the Medina are usually vibrant and busy. But if you wake up early you will be able to have them all to yourself! It’s the best moment to capture them empty.

Rooftop bars and restaurants in Marrakech

Marrakech offers a ton of rooftops bars and restaurants that you must try! I wrote an article about the Best Restaurant in Marrakech and you will find a part dedicated to the Best Rooftops Bars and Restaurants in Marrakech. Not only they will serve you excellent food and drinks, but they also provide the opportunity to capture great views of the city from above! That’s why these rooftops cafes are part of the most Instagrammable Places in Marrakech 🙂 .

La Mamounia

La Mamounia is one of the most iconic palace hotels in Marrakech. This 5-star hotel located near the Koutoubia Mosque has hosted many famous people like politicians and stars from all over the world. With its elegant and luxurious architecture, La Mamounia is one of the most instagrammable places in Marrakech!

Treat yourself with a stay at the hotel, book the spa or come here for dinner or drinks and you will experience the best of La Mamounia! And take the time to walk around their lush garden!

Location: La Mamounia

My secret tip: I recommend coming to La Mamounia for tea-time. They serve the delicious desserts of Pierre Hermé (the prices are similar to the ones in Paris). You will enjoy these treats in a beautiful riad courtyard: a relaxing and gourmet moment!

In Conclusion…

As you can see, Marrakech is magical and stunning! I was blown away by the beauty of the architecture, and the vibrant ambiance made it even more interesting! There are so many beautiful places to capture that you will probably find more spots to add to this list of the most instagrammable places in Marrakech!

Which places did you like if you have already been there, or which ones are the most tempting for you if you are preparing a future trip?

If you are traveling to Morocco soon, check out my guide about the best restaurants in Marrakech! You will find some great ideas for best places to eat.

Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions about the best photo spots in Marrakech! I will do my best to answer 🙂

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