The 10 Most Instagrammable Places in Tenerife

Playa de Benijo and Roques de Agana in Tenerife - Canary Islands

The 10 Most Instagrammable Places in Tenerife

The island of Tenerife is part of the Canary Islands, a Spanish archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean on the west side of Morocco. This is the largest of the 8 islands Canary Islands and also the most touristy one. People love Tenerife because it is a stunning destination, with a nice weather all year long! Additionally, it offers many picturesque places! I am sharing with you in this guide the most instagrammable places in Tenerife!

As I was organizing my trip, it was difficult for me to find a comprehensive guide with all the best places to take photos in Tenerife. Therefore, as I am an Instagram content creator, I did my best to capture and gather for you all of the most photogenic spots in Tenerife! I am sharing them with you with their exact location in the island. And I am telling you the best way to take your photos in those Insta spots with, cherry on the cake, my secret tips!

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The village of Masca is located in a narrow valley within the Teno Massif, in the north west of Tenerife. The Masca valley is without any doubt one of the most instagrammable places in Tenerife because of its scenic location and unique geology! You can even hike in the Masca Gorge (check before going if the trail is open). Also it’s the kind of places that will make you feel like you are an adventurer, a modern version of Indiana Jones if you know the movies 😉 .

How to get there: follow the direction of the village of Masca. There are many viewpoints where you can stop with your car on the way up and on the way down. Once you are in the village of Masca, you can park your car and wander around. If you are feeling motivated, you can also take the eight-kilometer-long walking trail beginning here and finishing at Masca beach (it was closed beginning of 2021 but it might reopen soon).

Best time of the day to take pictures there: You can come here all day long, but the light is especially beautiful at sunset! I took my photos at midday.

My secret tip: you can enjoy a drink or a meal at one of the restaurants of Masca village. Some of them are offering amazing viewpoints, for example you can check the one named “La Fuente” (address: Bajando La Plaza, Calle Lomo de Masca, 38489 Masca).

Playa de Benijo

Playa de Benijo is the most beautiful black sand beach in Tenerife! For that reason, it’s one of the most instagrammable places in Tenerife! Located in the north East of the island, Playa de Benijo is the most remote beach of the town of Taganana. From here you will get amazing views of the island and of the village of Taganana. You will also be able to admire the rock formations of the Roques de Anaga. That’s why it’s one of the most photogenic places in Tenerife!

How to get there: follow the direction of Playa de Benijo. You can get pretty close by car and there is a small parking lot near the observation deck Mirador Benijo. You can get nice views from above the beach. To go down to the beach, you have to walk down the steps.

Best time of the day to take pictures there: Playa de Benijo is especially beautiful at sunset! But I went there in the middle of the afternoon and the rays of sun were creating a beautiful atmosphere with the waves.

My secret tip: there are many ways to capture Playa de Benijo with different perspectives so do not hesitate to explore and go down the beach!

Mount Teide National Park

Mount Teide is the most famous volcano in Tenerife, but also the highest point in Spain and the third tallest volcanic structure in the world! This volcano is still active, and its last eruption was in 1909. Actually, you can still see the impact of the lava flows on the nature in many parts around here. This natural wonder is the most visited one in Spain.

Mount Teide is breathtaking, but so is the National Park surrounding it. In fact, this park offers 18,900 hectares of stunning landscapes and is officially a UNESCO World Heritage Site! It is the most visited national park in Europe with about 3 million visitors each year. You will easily get why it’s one of the best places to take photos in Tenerife!

As I was wandering in the Mount Teide National Park, I had the feeling I was in the middle of Death Valley in California. I was not expecting to see such kind of landscape in Tenerife and I was in total awe!

How to get there: You have to go there by car and follow Mount Teide National Park. The park is huge, so you can decide which area you want to explore! Take the cable car to get the most breathtaking views over the Canary islands and get closer to the top! You can also do some hikes in the park (for example the Montaña Blanca walk).

Best time of the day to take pictures there: You can come here from sunrise to sunset.

My secret tip: There are many viewpoints in the National Park with small parking lots on the side of the road. You will find many scenic places!

Playa de Las Teresitas

Playa de Las Teresitas is known for being the best white sand beach in Tenerife! You can understand why it’s part of the most instagrammable places in Tenerife! Located near the capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife, it used to be a black sand beach, like all the beaches in Tenerife (as it’s volcanic). But a great quantity of the original sand was used for construction. Therefore, the city decided to import white sand from the Western Sahara Desert to expand the beach and make it appealing to tourists in the 1970’s. The new beach of Las Teresitas is around 1.3 km long and is bordered with palm trees. It’s a great swimming spot as some breakwaters have been built to prevent the waves from being too strong.

The beach offers all the amenities you need: showers, toilets, lifeguards and beach bars and restaurants. You can also rent loungers and parasols. It’s a pleasant beach to relax so should enjoy it for some time before or after your photos!

How to get there: follow Playa de Las Teresitas near Santa Cruz de Tenerife. There is a big parking lot as it’s a popular beach. You can also come here by boat.

Best time of the day to take pictures there: The beach is accessible all the time. I was there mid-morning, and the sun was already high in the sky. But I managed to take some good pictures nonetheless as the beach was not too crowded (I traveled there in January 2021). If you want to have some rays of sun on the beach, don’t go too late as the sun is setting behind the mountains at the end of the afternoon.

My secret tip: There is a viewpoint named “Mirador de la Teresitas” that will allow you to see Playa de Las Teresitas from above. It’s beautiful at sunset when the sun is setting behind the mountain the village of San Andrés.

Charco El Diablo

Charco El Diablo is a scenic spot on the western coast of Tenerife. You will find here a few natural pools, perfect if you want to dip in the water and gaze at the big waves crashing on the rocks! It’s quite stunning and impressive and therefore it makes a great photography spot in Tenerife! You can get very inspired for your Instagram shots here!

How to get there: follow Charco El Diablo/ Cueva la Cava. You can park your car in a parking lot nearby as it’s located close to a residential area.

Best time of the day to take pictures there: You can come here from sunrise to sunset.

My secret tip: take a good pair of sneakers to wander here as the rocks are not made for flip flops or sandals (I changed shoes just for the photos).

Playa de Montaña Amarilla

Playa Montaña Amarilla is a beach with an extraordinary landscape in the southern coastline of Tenerife. Here the waves have carved some original shapes in the yellow rocks of the mountain! And in some parts, you will feel like you are even walking on the moon! You will be blown away by this natural creation! Therefore, you should put this beach high on your list of the most instagrammable places in Tenerife! I have put several sentences with an exclamation point in a row, but once you are there you will see why I am so enthusiastic 🙂 . This area was actually declared a Natural Monument. You can also swim, sunbathe and do some snorkeling here.

How to get there: follow Playa de Montaña Amarilla near San Miguel de Abona. The beach is located near a residential area so you can park easily in the neighborhood. Once you are here you can walk on the rocks to access the different parts of the beach.

Best time of the day to take pictures there: You can access the beach all the time. I was there at midday, so the sun was quite present in my photos. Maybe you can go there closer to sunrise or sunset to have less harsh light. Also, I would recommend checking the tide before going there if you can. In fact, some of the cool parts of the beach may not be accessible at high tide, that would be a pity for you. Lastly, be aware that it’s very windy here!

My secret tip: there is a nudist beach at the end of the beach so pay attention to your surroundings before taking some photos! And do not forget your sneakers to be able to walk easily on the rocks (better than sandals).

Acantilados de Los Gigantes

The cliffs of Los Gigantes are one of the most famous places to see in Tenerife! Those impressive rock formations are rising from the sea to a height of 500-800 meters and attracting many tourists in the area. And they totally deserve to be in the list of the most instagrammable places in Tenerife! In fact, “Los Gigantes” means “the Giants”. In the first millennium BC, the Guanches (the aboriginal inhabitants of the Canary Islands) even named them the “Wall of Hell”!

How to get there: follow the direction of the town of Los Gigantes. This resort town offers many viewpoints to admire the cliffs!

Best time of the day to take pictures there: You can come here all day long.

My secret tip: a cute place to take a picture here is the Mirador Puerto de Los Gigantes. At the end of Calle el Pino, you will find a charming white balcony that will be the perfect set up for your photos!

Ritz Carlton Abama

The Ritz Carlton Abama hotel is a paradise for Instagrammers! You will find it on the western coastline of Tenerife. The architecture of this 5-star hotel is aesthetically pleasing with its flamboyant terracotta color and its Moorish inspired style. If you add the scenic staircases, the luxurious vegetal decoration and the amazing pools and other amenities, you will totally get why I have placed it on the list of the most instagrammable places in Tenerife! I wanted to capture every corner!

How to get there: here is the address: Carretera General, TF-47, Km 9, 38687 Guía de Isora, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Best time of the day to take pictures there: it’s especially nice at sunrise and sunset.

My secret tip: book a table for drinks and dinner at the restaurant El Mirador to enjoy the sunset!

Stay here: Ritz Carlton Abama Tenerife

Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto de la Cruz is a charming town located on the North coast of Tenerife. It used to be a fishing village but became more and more touristy along the years.

The city is quite quaint with many colorful houses and a great ambiance. You will also find here a few nice beaches. And it’s important to mention that Puerto de la Cruz hosted the famous writer Agatha Christie for some time. Do not miss the colorful staircases with all of her book titles!

How to get there: follow Puerto de la Cruz. The city is lovely so you might want to spend at least one night there.

Best time of the day to take pictures there: You can take your photos here all day long as it’s nice to wander around.

My secret tips:

  • You will find the colorful staircase with Agatha Christie’s book title in Paseo San Amaro, Escaleras Agatha Christie (Puerto de la Cruz).
  • You can enjoy the sunset on the beach named Playa Jardin. This black sand beach offers a very nice view on the colorful nearby village of Punta Brava.

Royal River Hotel

The Royal River hotel is a new luxury hotel that opened in December 2020 on the western coastline of Tenerife. It features an incredible rooftop infinity pool but also a very cool river pool in a lush environment. Because of that, it totally deserves its place amongst the most instagrammable places in Tenerife! Of course, the Royal River offers many other photogenic spots. In fact, I am really obsessed with the decoration in this hotel: from the cute flamingo restaurant to the boho style of the rooms, everything is so on point!

How to get there: here is the address: Carretera General, TF-47, Km 9, 38687 Guía de Isora, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Best time of the day to take pictures there: it’s especially nice at sunrise and sunset.

My secret tip: book a table for drinks and dinner at the restaurant The Top on the rooftop terrace to enjoy the sunset and the reflection of the sky in the infinity pool!

Stay here: Royal River Tenerife

In Conclusion…

As you can see, Tenerife is full of amazing photography spots! This island offers stunning coastlines and mountains, charming towns and beautiful hotels! Which ones of those exceptional Instagram spots are attracting you the most?

Have a look at my Indispensable Tenerife Travel Guide to help you prepare your trip to Tenerife! I am answering all of the most frequent questions you might have about Tenerife: when to go there, how to reach the island, how long you should stay, what are the best things to do, where you should stay and much more! !

And of course do not hesitate to reach out via e-mail or below in the comments if you have any other questions!

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  • Érick et Julie @goseeandeat
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      Je suis ravie de savoir que l’article vous a plu, merci pour votre retour! Tenerife est une île extraordinaire !

  • talia
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    Aww those are some incredible places! Want to visit now!

    • Limitlesssecrets
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      Tenerife has so many photogenic spots Talia! It deserves to be seen and I hope you can go there one day!

  • Fakemishraji
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    Such a detailed and thorough coverage Ophelie! I followed your trip on instagram and it was really fun. This place certainly has my curiosity now…

    • Limitlesssecrets
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      I am glad to know that I motivated you to visit Tenerife! Thank you for following my journey there!

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    Merci pour ce très bel article qui est très inspirant. Actuellement à Tenerife il m est très utile.

    • Limitlesssecrets
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      Oh super Laetitia, tu m’en vois ravie ! Je te souhaite beaucoup de plaisir à Tenerife, profite bien de cette île extraordinaire !

  • Suvarna Arora
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    Tenerife looks absolutely lovely especially the RC hotel is a delight as it’s pink. I hope to visit someday.

    • Limitlesssecrets
      Posted at 11:25h, 14 February Reply

      Tenerife is a magical island Suvarna! And the Ritz Carlton Abama is super photogenic indeed, you would love it here!

  • Cristina
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    I have always wanted to visit Tenerife, but your post makes me want to go even more. I would love to stay at the Ritz Carlton hotel, it’s very pretty too 🙂

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      I am glad to know reading this article is motivating you to visit Tenerife even more Cristina! And good choice for the hotel: the Ritz Carlton is so pretty!

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      Thank you Neha! The Ritz Carlton Abama is really a gem!

  • Krista
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    I haven’t been to Tenerife yet but it looks so beautiful and those photo spots are great! Definitely saving this for when I plan a trip here so I can get some nice Insta pics!

    • Limitlesssecrets
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      You will be amazed at all the beautiful places in Tenerife Krista! It really deserves a visit!

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    I’ve never visited Tenerife, but it is now definitely on my list! Your pictures are so inspirational and make me want to pack up my suitcase and head out now! Thanks for sharing

    • Limitlesssecrets
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      I am so glad to read your feedback Ellie! Tenerife has so much to offer you can only enjoy it!

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      Thanks for the compliment Carley! Tenerife is an amazing island and I hope you can see it one day!

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    I had no idea that Tenerife had so many amazingly picturesque spots! I’d totally want to save up and stay at the Ritz Carlton over there as well.

    • Limitlesssecrets
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      Honestly before coming here I have no idea either Katherine: I was pleasantly surprised! Hoping you can visit Tenerife and enjoy the Ritz Carlton!

  • Elena Pappalardo
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    Your Stories from Tererife really blew me away and your photos are absolutely stunning from here! Thank you for making me aware of this paradise that I knew nothing about.

    • Limitlesssecrets
      Posted at 11:32h, 14 February Reply

      This is my biggest pleasure to make you discover lesser known destinations Elena! I am glad you followed my journey there and that you loved it!

  • Lisa
    Posted at 19:07h, 13 February Reply

    Your pictures are always so stunning! I love following along on Instagram while you were there. I had never heard of this island and now it’s on my bucketlist!

    • Limitlesssecrets
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      What a pleasure to know that you have seen my Instagram stories from there Lisa! I am glad I managed to motivate you to visit the island of Tenerife!

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      Many thanks for the compliment Jen! Tenerife is so beautiful that I am also dreaming about traveling there again!

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    Ah, Tenerife definitely looks Instagram worthy! Some great spots to explore.

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      Tenerife is such a photogenic island Alma: it has a ton of gorgeous places!

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    Posted at 19:40h, 13 February Reply

    Unbelievable photos, that River Hotel looks incredible – you’ve convinced me to visit as I’ve only visited nearby Lanzarote in the past.

    • Limitlesssecrets
      Posted at 11:36h, 14 February Reply

      The Royal River in Tenerife is an amazing hotel Aimee, I hope you can stay here one day! Tenerife is an amazing island to discover indeed!

  • Bella
    Posted at 20:07h, 13 February Reply

    Lovely photos! I’m always amazed by women who can pose in beautiful dresses, I only ever take shorts and t-shirts and look such a mess!

    • Limitlesssecrets
      Posted at 11:38h, 14 February Reply

      Thank you very much for the kind words Bella! You can take cool photos is shorts and t-shirts too! I actually do not always wear the dresses, and I often change outfit on the spot 🙂

    Posted at 20:20h, 13 February Reply

    Stunning photos as always! I wouldn’t mind staying at the Ritz, and I’d have to pose in a nice dress 🙂

    • Limitlesssecrets
      Posted at 11:39h, 14 February Reply

      Thank you Caroline! I can only recommend to stay at the Ritz Carlton Abama: this hotel has such a beautiful design!

  • kariss Ainsworth
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    Your shots are stunning! Def saving this for later travel planning!

    • Limitlesssecrets
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      Thanks a lot Karris! I wish you can see Tenerife with your own eyes!

  • Kris
    Posted at 21:37h, 13 February Reply

    I knew the scenery here was spectacular, but I didn’t realize there was that much beautiful architecture. I love those pink buildings!

    • Limitlesssecrets
      Posted at 11:40h, 14 February Reply

      Tenerife is a stunning island with amazing landscapes Kris! But it’s true that there are many picturesque buildings as well. I was in awe at the Ritz Carlton Abama!

  • Elina
    Posted at 22:56h, 13 February Reply

    Your photos are so beautiful! All the places look so magical, especially Charco el Diablo. I would love to visit Tenerife one day, I even considered booking a trip there last November, but instead, we had a brand new lockdown announced, so it didn’t happen.

    • Limitlesssecrets
      Posted at 11:48h, 14 February Reply

      I am so sad to read that your trip to Tenerife was cancelled Elina! I wish you can go there as soon as possible! At least now you will have all my tips at your disposal to prepare your trip 🙂 . Charco El Diablo was so impressive!

  • Emma
    Posted at 23:27h, 13 February Reply

    Love your photos! The Ritz Carlton definitely is now on the bucket list for amazing places to stay!! I’d love to visit once the travel world gets back to normal again – fingers crossed that is soon 🙂

    • Limitlesssecrets
      Posted at 11:49h, 14 February Reply

      Many thanks Emma! Tenerife is wonderful and you will enjoy staying at the Ritz Carlton Abama for sure!

  • Taylor
    Posted at 00:33h, 14 February Reply

    I loved following along your trip in Tenerife Ophelie! You definitely inspired me to visit the Canary Islands and your photos are so beautiful! I hope to go once borders open. 🙂

    • Limitlesssecrets
      Posted at 11:50h, 14 February Reply

      So glad to know you want to visit Tenerife and the other Canary Islands Taylor! I am sure you will love it!

  • Natalie
    Posted at 00:56h, 14 February Reply

    I can’t get over how gorgeous your photos are!! And Tenerife looks so pretty!

    • Limitlesssecrets
      Posted at 11:50h, 14 February Reply

      Awww thank you for your sweet message Natalie! Tenerife is very picturesque!

  • Lauren Allen
    Posted at 02:05h, 14 February Reply

    Oh wow, your photos are so stunning! I REALLY want to visit Tenerife now 🙂

    • Limitlesssecrets
      Posted at 11:51h, 14 February Reply

      I am flattered by the compliment Lauren, thank you! Tenerife is so extraordinary that you can only take beautiful photos here!

  • Sam
    Posted at 05:26h, 14 February Reply

    All these photos are absolutely incredible! I will be adding these to my bucket list photo shoot locations!

    • Limitlesssecrets
      Posted at 11:53h, 14 February Reply

      The island of Tenerife is exceptional for photography Sam! I hope you can visit it!

  • Katja
    Posted at 08:29h, 14 February Reply

    Looks so gorgeous! I never was to any of the canary islands and to be honest I didn’t think Tenerife was so wonderful! Stunning pictures as always, this post makes me want to visit as soon as we can ☺️

    • Limitlesssecrets
      Posted at 11:55h, 14 February Reply

      Before coming here I didn’t know Tenerife was so pretty too Katja: it was a pleasant surprise! I hope you can enjoy it with your own eyes!

  • Val
    Posted at 10:19h, 14 February Reply

    Great post and amazing photos Ophélie! Can’t wait to visit Tenerife, it looks fabulous!

    • Limitlesssecrets
      Posted at 11:55h, 14 February Reply

      Thank you Val! Tenerife blew me away!

  • Maria
    Posted at 19:10h, 14 February Reply

    These places are beautiful and every single shot of you is stunning! I’ve been to Tenerife but missed out on many of these spots. Next time I visit I’ll refer to your post!!

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    Wow! These all look absolutely amazing!

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    Posted at 15:16h, 20 February Reply

    Tenerife looks amazing! All those 10 spots really make the perfect background for an insta photo and a good time!

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      Tenerife is such a beautiful island Lyne! It’s so picturesque everywhere!

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    These definitely are some senstational photo spots! I love the pink Ritz and can totally imagine doing a shoot there!

    • Limitlesssecrets
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      The Ritz Carlton is so photogenic Marguerite! And as you can see, this is not the only reason why you should visit Tenerife!

  • Michela Sieman
    Posted at 19:07h, 28 May Reply

    These photos are so stunning! My boyfriend’s brother lives in Lanzarote, so I’m dying to get to the Canary Islands! Do you mind me asking what camera lens you used for most of these shots? I especially love the gorgeous look of your photos in Playa de Montana Amarilla!

    • Limitlesssecrets
      Posted at 20:51h, 30 May Reply

      Thank you Michela! I hope you can visit the Canary Islands soon! I use a Canon 6D Mark II with a Tamron 24-70 mm lens 🙂

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